Enhancing Reliability and Stability: Overcoming Traffic Challenges for a Premier Napa Valley Winery​Winery

The client, a renowned Napa Valley wine grower with 20+ years of expertise, caters to individuals and wholesalers, offering personalized wine selections.

However, their e-commerce platform faced challenges from increased traffic, causing frequent unavailability and crashes, impacting user experience. They were looking for a quality assurance partner to streamline their QA processes and make their application reach maximum users.​


  • Platform Unavailability The e-commerce platform faced challenges due to a massive influx of hits, resulting in platform unavailability and intermittent crashes.
  • Negative Customer experience Platform unavailability issues severely impacted user experience and hindered the platform’s ability to handle high traffic volumes efficiently.
  • Testing Complexity with Salesforce Development using Salesforce posed challenges for manual and smoke testing processes.


  • Automating load tests We automated the tests using Apache JMeter and Selenium to simulate various user scenarios and measure the system’s response under different load conditions.
  • Load Testing on AWS machines By running load test scripts on AWS (Amazon Web Services) instances, the performance of the platform was evaluated in a real-world environment.
  • Optimizing the application Using thorough performance testing, any bottlenecks in the application’s performance were identified.
  • Offering Scalability Insights By providing actionable information based on performance testing results, the we helped the client to make informed decisions about scaling resources.


  • Successful Seasonal releases The client experienced three consecutive years of issue-free releases, demonstrating stability and reliability.
  • Enhanced Scalability After the load testing optimization, the application demonstrated the ability to support over 10,000 concurrent users without encountering any issues.
  • Improved Performance Significant enhancement in application performance resulted in reduced efforts for the backoffice team, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  • Increased User Satisfaction The client experienced improved user traction by 40% and reduced user dropouts during critical business periods, indicating improved user experience and satisfaction.
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