From Cumbersome to Cutting-Edge: Reinventing an Inclusivity-Driven Hiring PlatformStaffing & Recruitment

Our client is a hiring technology company and inclusivity-driven executive placement platform provider.

Their executive hiring platform connects qualified senior executives with board and full-time leadership opportunities. It allows experienced professionals to explore leadership opportunities and achieve accelerated career growth. However, they faced challenges with their existing web application which was not scalable and had a cumbersome user interface. Therefore, they were looking for a partner who could help enhance their online job portal and achieve the desired customer engagement.


  • Scalability Issues The current web application faces limitations in scalability, hindering its ability to handle growing user demands and expanding functionalities.​
  • Cumbersome UI The user interface of the existing application is unwieldy, resulting in suboptimal user experiences and complicating navigation for both executives and hiring organizations.​
  • Poor User ExperiencesThe combination of scalability issues and a cumbersome UI contributes to overall dissatisfaction among users, affecting their interactions with the platform and diminishing the platform’s effectiveness.


  • Decoupling Frontend and Backend We resolved tight coupling by restructuring the framework, creating standalone Ruby on Rails APIs for the backend and a separate React application for the frontend.
  • Containerization for Backend As part of the upgrade, we containerized the backend application using Docker containers, providing a more efficient and scalable environment for the application to run.
  • CI/CD Implementation To simplify deployments, we integrated a CI/CD service into Bitbucket, establishing automated build-test-deploy pipelines.
  • Phased UI Redesign We redesigned the UI in phases using the Material UI framework, starting with customer-facing modules, ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting operations. The applications were redesigned to be highly scalable, capable of handling complex scenarios and diverse statuses.
  • Key Feature Additions We introduced crucial features like an Authorization module, real-time messaging, notifications, and alerts, enhancing the overall user experience.


  • Boosted Revenue The improved platform experience resulted in a substantial 80K new premium subscription sign-ups directly impacting revenue generation.​
  • Simpler Application Maintenance Migration to modern architecture reduced maintenance costs by 20% resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.​
  • Elevated Customer Engagement New features and an improved UI led to a 50% boost in engagement, making the platform more attractive.
  • Value Add Following the web application upgrade, an iOS mobile app was developed using React Native, with the beta version launched within 4 months.
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