Legacy to Cloud: Advancing Healthcare Systems for Compliance and ScalabilityHealthcare

Our client is a prominent player in Healthcare domain, and they offer exclusive data solutions for specialized providers, registries, and device manufacturers.

Challenged with upgrading their 20-year-old legacy system, they were looking for a strategic partner to propel them towards enhanced efficiency and innovation in the dynamic Healthcare sector. Overall, they wanted a solution which could help them modernize their technology stack, reduce infrastructure costs and migrate from Single Tenancy to Multi-Tenancy


  • Legacy System Modernization Upgrade a 20-year-old Microsoft-based system for EMR, Billing, and Reporting in a cost-effective way.
  • Migration to 3-Tier Architecture Transition from a legacy architecture to a 3-tier system for enhanced performance and scalability.​
  • Navigating Compliance Hurdles Ensure compliance with HIPAA and SOC regulations during the modernization process.


  • Holistic AWS Assessment and Solution Evaluated and optimized existing AWS setup, proposing solutions for cost-efficient infrastructure, technology modernization, and seamless migration.​
  • Cost-Effective Microservices Architecture Implemented a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and resilient Event-Driven Microservice based Architecture and achieved 99.9% availability for robust performance.​​
  • Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps Utilized Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with CloudFormation and Terraform for efficient deployment and scalability. Implemented Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) and DevOps practices for streamlined workflows.​​
  • Security Measures Designed and implemented robust infrastructure and application security. Addressed HIPAA and SOC compliance challenges with industry-standard solutions, ensuring data integrity and privacy.​​
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Formulated and executed a DR plan with Point in Time recovery capabilities, ensuring data integrity. Enabled multi-region and multi-AZ availability for enhanced resilience.​


  • Cost Savings Our client achieved up to a 20%  reductions in infrastructure costs via effective optimization strategies.​
  • Advanced Technology Stack The revamped technology stack led to a 30% increase in system performance, scalability, and overall efficiency.​​
  • Smooth Migration: Transitioning to a multi-tenancy architecture resulted in a 40% reduction in deployment time , giving our client flexibility for future growth.​​
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance Strengthened security measures fortified infrastructure against threats, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and SOC standards, elevating our client’s reputation for data security and regulatory adherence.​
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Incredibly impressed with the team’s outstanding work! Their precise assessment and innovative solutions not only optimized our infrastructure but also elevated our entire workflow. Their commitment to excellence truly made a significant impact on our project’s success

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