Optimizing Online Learning: Overcoming Performance Challenges by Migrating to AWSInformation Technology

With online learning becoming a new norm in the education arena, our client had a leading learning platform that provided services to schools in the US.

They faced challenges with the traditional technology leading to many performance issues and platform availability. The were looking for a technology partner who could provide them the precise solution to overcome the challenges and ensure cost optimization of the platform.


  • Performance Issues The online learning platform experienced significant performance bottlenecks, particularly during peak load times.
  • Scalability Challenges The legacy tech stack and deployment on Heroku posed scalability limitations, making it difficult to handle increasing user demand efficiently.
  • Cost Inefficiencies The existing infrastructure setup incurred high operational costs without delivering optimal performance
  • Platform Availability Concerns During peak load periods, the platform experienced downtime and service interruptions due to insufficient scalability and performance issues.


  • Migration Strategy Development We meticulously designed a comprehensive migration strategy to transition the existing application to the AWS cloud environment that included planning, risk assessment, and execution roadmap to ensure efficient migration process.
  • High Availability Architecture We architected a single-region multi-Availability Zone (AZ) infrastructure that ensured high availability, scalability, and resilience.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps Implementation Our team established a robust cloud infrastructure and platform architecture utilizing industry-standard tools for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) practices. By automating deployment pipelines, infrastructure provisioning, and configuration management, we streamlined development workflows.
  • Video Streaming Performance Enhancement To address performance challenges related to video streaming, we implemented advanced techniques such as video transcoding and adaptive bitrate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with edge caching.


  • Enhanced Availability The implementation of a single-region multi-Availability Zone (AZ) architecture significantly improved application availability, achieving an uptime of 99.9%, enhancing overall reliability and user satisfaction.
  • Scalability and Performance The resilient architecture allowed the application to support over 7,000 transactions per second, accommodating the fluctuating workloads and user demands, maintaining optimal performance even during peak usage periods.
  • Cost Optimization The selection of appropriate instance types, implementing storage lifecycle policies, and leveraging auto-scaling capabilities, we successfully reduced infrastructure costs by an impressive 80%.
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