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Our esteemed client, a global leader in cardiovascular disease detection, identified a critical gap in remote areas where timely cardiac care was lacking.

The absence of accessible ECG machines in these areas posed a significant challenge, leading to delayed detection and increased instances of cardiac arrests.


  • Remote Healthcare Accessibility Lack of accessible ECG machines in remote areas hindered timely cardiac care, leading to increased instances of cardiac emergencies.
  • Delayed Diagnosis Absence of real-time ECG data capture resulted in delayed diagnosis and treatment, exacerbating the severity of cardiovascular conditions.​​
  • Technological Limitations Conventional ECG machines were not designed for remote use, posing logistical challenges and limiting accessibility to healthcare services.


  • Real-time ECG Data Capture The IoT-enabled stethoscope captured real-time ECG data, allowing for immediate analysis and diagnosis.​
  • Analytical Mode for Heartbeat Detection The mobile app supported heartbeat detection in analytical mode, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.
  • BLE Integration for Low Power Consumption BLE integration minimized power consumption, ensuring prolonged device usage and uninterrupted data capture.
  • Multi-threaded Architecture The solution incorporated a multi-threaded architecture to efficiently manage process-intensive tasks, maintaining patient history with support for multiple waveform recordings per patient.​


  • Early Detection and DiagnosisThe reduction in diagnosis time from weeks to hours translates to a conservative estimate of 80% reduction with significant improvement in efficiency.​
  • Real-time Data Sharing The ability to share data in real-time with doctors allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment decisions.​
  • Efficiency and Robustness Leveraging BLE integration results in improved system efficiency by 30% due to reduced power consumption and enhanced data transfer rates.​
  • Cost Savings The 15% reduction in overall healthcare costs associated with cardiovascular care resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced Accessibility Bringing proper cardiac care to remote areas increases accessibility to healthcare services.
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I’m immensely grateful for the transformative impact of their cardiovascular solution, revolutionizing remote care with early detection, efficiency gains, and vital cost savings.

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