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Our client is a leading software development company which helps in deploying complex integration projects.

Their leading integration platforms enables businesses to simplify the design, deployment, hosting, management of applications, APIs, and workflows. The client’s platform was based on Windows Workflow Foundation. The backend support from the foundation had stopped, putting the client’s platform at risk due to which they were facing vulnerability issues, and the processes had come to a standstill. Hence, they were looking for a partner who could help them to the latest core technology, at the earliest.


  • Outdated Technology Workflow products are mainly built on Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WF or WWF) which is a part of .NET Framework 4.x. WF is no longer supported with the latest versions of .NET.
  • Limited Third-party libraries UiPath has converted the main components of WF to .NET Core and the code is released as an open source. All the components are not converted by UiPath, and custom components were also created in the current application.
  • Scalability The desktop application was also built  using WPF which needed to be converted to web application using modern technologies as


  • Analysis of existing application Formed a dedicated team of technical architects and senior developers to collaborate with the client’s dev team for understanding and analysis.
  • Architectural Strategy Identified UiPath-convertible components, prepared a conversion list, and validated the process through multiple Proof of Concepts (POCs).
  • Successful Conversion to Modern Tech Stack Executed the conversion of identified components to .NET 7, delivering results within the stipulated time frame.
  • Integration with .NET 7 Web API Integrated the converted components seamlessly into .NET 7 Web API, ensuring optimal functionality and communication.
  • Application Transformation to Web-Based Transformed the existing WPF desktop application into a modern web-based application using Angular and .NET 7 Web API, improving accessibility and user experience.


  • Boost in Platform Performance The shift to .NET 7 and optimized components boosted platform performance by 20% enhancing user experience with faster response times.
  • Scalability Enhancement Modernization improved scalability by 30%, accommodating business growth.
  • Cost Reduction Successful conversion to the latest technologies led to a 15% reduction in maintenance costs, ensuring long-term efficiency.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility The transformation to a web-based application increases cross-platform accessibility, enabling seamless interaction across various devices and operating systems.
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Beyond the tangible benefits, the collaborative approach and expertise of team V2Solutions made the entire transition to .NET 7 a smooth and insightful journey, solidifying our confidence in their capabilities.

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