Streamlining E-commerce Solutions: Instilling Quality Assurance Integration and Process Optimization​Ecommerce

Our client, a prominent e-commerce solutions provider based in Canada, utilizes a cutting-edge SaaS-based product discovery platform powered by Google Cloud Retail AI.

It offers responsive functionalities for online shopping, including merchandising, personalization, and navigation. Seeking enhanced product information, the client required assistance in creating precise mappings of products with their attributes to refine search results and improve visibility for end-users.


  • Data Inaccuracy Incorrect and incomprehensible data on the client’s websites adversely impacted revenue generation.
  • Curation Queue Backlog A significant backflow in the curation queue occurred due to the deteriorating quality of curated tasks.
  • Lack of Correction Mechanism Absence of a correction mechanism at the source of curation resulted in poor-quality data.
  • Deployment Errors Direct deployment of codes without testing led to frequent occurrence of errors and bugs.


  • Quality Assurance Integration The team seamlessly incorporated the Quality Assurance (QA) function into the client’s Curation Portfolio, ensuring robust testing processes were in place.
  • Process Definition and Strategy Development We meticulously outlined the QA processes and testing strategies tailored to the Agile environment, including onboarding procedures and the establishment of automation guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Testing Our team conducted thorough end-to-end testing, encompassing regression, performance, API, and database testing, to validate and certify the applications for optimal performance and reliability.


  • Enhanced Data Quality Implementation of Marco-automation led to increased consistency and accuracy in data quality, ensuring reliable and error-free information.
  • Improved Efficiency The adoption of Marco-automation maintained a commendable 95% pass rate, optimizing resource utilization and productivity.
  • Timely Product Release With a stable product release and deployment process in place, the project successfully met go-to-market timelines, allowing the client to capitalize on market opportunities without delays.
  • Swift Application Launch The new web application was successfully launched within six months of inception, showcasing efficient project management and execution.
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