Transiting to the Digital Landscape: Creating a Successful Online Presence for a Premier Mortgage LenderFinancial Services​

Our client, a leader in the retail mortgage industry, provides an extensive array of tailored solutions designed to address a variety of customer needs.

Their diverse portfolio encompasses offerings such as conventional and jumbo mortgages, government-insured programs catering to veterans and rural home buyers, as well as programs facilitating full-cash offers. The client aims to elevate their position as the premier provider of mortgage solutions. In pursuit of this goal, they sought to enhance and automate their services, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness to evolving customer demands.


  • Costly Strategies Relying on third-party applications like Salesforce, Encompass, and Blend for customization or new features resulted in increased time and expenses.
  • Lack of Online Presence The shift from offline to online commerce necessitated the development of essential digital components, including tools, applications, webpages, and services.
  • Automation Deficiency The absence of automation for loan officer tasks and manual migration of client data lead to inefficiency.
  • Inefficiency in Operations Refinement of operational methods was essential to ensure high-quality performance, accuracy, and secure transactions.


  • Data Migration Plan and Implementation Implemented the transfer of data from third-party applications to the in-house system, ensuring alignment with the client’s business processes.
  • Engineered a Complete Online Portal Utilizing state-of-the-art tools like .Net API, .Net7 MVC, MongoDB, and BootStrap, we built a sophisticated solution customized to precisely match the client’s requirements.
  • Incorporation of New Capabilities Loan officer and branch manager processes were expanded to include features like user impersonation, auto dialer, preference center, and pre-approvals, enhancing overall functionality.
  • Rigorous Quality Assessment Proactively identifying errors and conducting thorough end-to-end testing of the application to automate ‘ready and live’ features, with daily regression was conducted to uncover failures in existing functionalities.


  • Boosted Revenue Generation The shift from third-party applications to in-house tools led to a substantial increase of 50% in revenue, as the license cost was eliminated.
  • Established Dynamic Online Presence The business enhances significantly after transitioning to online operations, experiencing a substantial increase in customer reach by 3X times.
  • Improved user engagement Simple and user-friendly application powered with automated functionalities increased the operational efficiency by 60% Simplified loan officer data management helped in making day-to-day business processes more efficient and customer-centric.
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