V2 empowers the flow of media and entertainment throughout the global supply chain

Metadata Optimization

V2 is at the forefront of offering immediate solutions to the chaotic operating environment of global metadata management and tracking.

International Distribution

V2 offers asset management, global insight and tools for strong, immediate decision-making that effects the profitability of titles all over the world.

Big Data Analytics

V2 is a powerful big data resource that allows tracking of availability, compliance, price and more across storefronts and global territories.

Obtaining global ratings just became a lot more obtainable.

With hundreds of global territories embracing unique systems, rules, timeframes and cultural norms, rating content for international markets is complicated, to say the least.

Working with V2 makes it simple. With our dedicated ratings team, deep experience with foreign governance, local relationships and our RatingsPro management product, we produce more certified ratings for OTT content than anyone else in the world.

Bionic Metadata, Global Storefront Compliance and Powerful Market Insights – that’s Spheric.

Spheric is the entertainment industry’s most comprehensive global media manager.

It starts with supercharging metadata for global normalization and tracking. Then, with real-time market data on over 150 territories and a robust toolset for global storefront compliance,  Spheric allows users to avail, track and manage OTT and MVPD titles with confidence in storefronts around the world.

Services that Serve the enterprise

Product Development

We develop smart and timely products that address critical business needs across the industry.

Full-Stack Engineering

End-to-end software development using a broad set of platforms and technologies.

Data Services

V2 data science includes machine learning, NPL algorithms and traditional big data management.

Machine Learning

ML influences V2 technology development to speed processes and automate complex tasks.

Test Automation

V2’s automated testing framework provides effective, efficient and thorough pass/fail results.

Mobile Delivery

From native apps to responsive mobile web, V2 offers solutions for any type of device.