A study of the eye catching and user-friendly web design ideas

Priyanka Tiwari

How does it feel when you design your home in warm shades of browns and yellows or if you want to go for a soft, comfy feel with pastels, greens, and blues to add volumes to peace and prosperity?

Experimenting with designs (like shapes, colors, or shades) helps you express your perspective.
Web designing has a similar approach. It is a home for the designers to bring out the best of their creativity that also gives an essence, an insight into what your brand is all about.
So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into some impressive web design ideas.

1) Retro Rising

As the era of retro is returning, so is the typography.

The power of retro revolution is a metaphor for the power of nostalgia marketing. The 70s, 80s, and 90s are returning with retro-inspired web design fonts, chubby or curved fonts to add a new flavor to websites and logos.

Many websites have used retro last year and have seen it come and go, become ebb and tide, getting popular and outdated soon. But, we will see a new avatar to this vintage effect with modern-day conjunction this year.

Look at some of website examples.

Sources: Mom & Popcorn 1

Sources: Starface 2

Here is another example of Austin East Cider. The site uses all retro types- be it vectors, retro fonts, and amazingly refreshing with contrast -the bold, chunky font combines a small script font.

However, throwback typography is now coming back. It will be more attractive with more creative designs and an innovative approach to the retro theme.

2) Dark Mode

Dark mode design generally has a black or darker shade of grey as its primary base and is a low-light UI. And this is why developers and designers love the dark theme, as the interface help reduces the eyestrain and gives better work output and readability experience.

Users don’t want to have a disrupting experience with the color scheme, especially with screen fatigue. Themes like black and white mode options, wholesome greens and blues, soft color palettes, and warm browns are in trend.

Most devices and browsers offer a toggle option from night display to daylight modes for users to switch between the two modes. Incorporating such an option for better user interface and experience is advisable.

Here’s a great example: Apple-woman-centric for IWD 2020 website 3

We believe that a brilliant design is timeless, but an extraordinary design is flexible. As web design trends constantly evolve, it is essential to benefit by adapting.

3) Mixing Mediums

Have you heard about combining different art mediums into one art piece? Mixing media and craft in a unique form brings creativity and interactivity to a typical image.

By overlapping these mixing mediums (illustrations, collages, photography, and vectors), we can execute imagination on an entirely new level with multilayer visual content. This creates an immersive experience with recallable storytelling and retentive scrolling on the website.

The mixed-media trend is in the spotlight due to digital artists and influencers like City Circus4.

General Condition5 produces a visually cohesive design with an elegant theme, dark mode black background, and a collage of photos.

4) Immersive Experience

Modern technologies mean the latest design trends, and this era is no exception with multimedia experience, detailed resolution, interactive elements, 3D, and parallax motion- it is an immersive indulgence.

One of the significant aspects of web designing that will trend in 2022 and the years to come is integrating 3D objects and 3D interactivity combined with Augmented Reality.

And along with multimedia experiences, let’s not forget all the fantastic immersive experiences using Augmented Reality (AR). We have seen websites reach inventive heights in the past, but we will witness creatives ramp up immersive experiences into large-scale interactions this year.

3D and AR

We can use Adobe Aero on mobile, Tablets, and MacBook Pro. You can create layered Augmented Reality Animations for your website using Adobe’s Aero AR application.

The following example is the Spark AR6 powered by Facebook, and you can see in today’s world, whether it is on Instagram or Facebook, we know a lot of these AR-driven plugins.

With 3D objects online, you can seamlessly put your website in the real world. Many e-commerce websites will splurge on this with 3D and Augmented Reality offerings.

Webflow7 is one of the best to showcase the journey of web designing.

In the above example, the entire website is a parallax scrolling with significant motions and interactive elements, but one of the most delightful animations with detailed web designing history.

For those unaware of Parallax Effect Scrolling, it is a technique that involves designing the background of a website to move at a slower rate than the foreground when the user scrolls, thereby creating a 3D-like effect.

Designers can also utilize dynamic scrolling with site background and foresight for a 3D effect like Crypton’s site8, which will become one of the coolest trends of 2022.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

With 3D, there’s a lot to experiment with Cartoon characters, clay motion animation, 3D Cutouts or hovers, or illustrations. Even hand-drawn illustrations are becoming a sub-trend.

Not too long ago, websites were more of textual matter and a few images. With designs evolving, people are connecting emotionally. Web designs with Hand Drawn Illustrations are gaining popularity as they transform the way businesses interact.

Hand Drawn Illustrations make a brand more personable. We are looking forward to seeing spectacular character animation in this year’s web designs.

Based on the movie Goonies9 by Steven Spielberg, the entire site is a parallax scroll with animation and interactive elements added on the riddle map when you click on the skull, the plot, and the cast section. It automatically moves and levels the navigation—a smooth ride to the story.

It delves beyond mindless scrolling by actively investigating the secrets hidden in clicks, swipes, and cursor motions. In this way, you can capture 100% attention of your readers and focus on communicating & interacting with them.

With an immersive web design, you have complete control over your users and their focus on the experience or the story you have created.

So, whether it is an e-commerce business or any company, Immersive Web Design can provide you with a more focused engagement. The narrative becomes interactive and can reach a broader audience base through creativity.

Geared to witness and exploit these cool website trends this year? Because we are excited to see how these design developments get put into action this year.

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