Unleash the Real Potent of Your Massive Data Storage with an Innovative AWS Solution


AWS Cloud Platform has been commended by its users across all industries for its unbeatable features. It is the most secured and trusted public cloud platform, which can be adapted to meet any project requirements.

Whitepaper “Seamless and Real-Time, Data Ingestion Using an Exclusive AWS Architectural Solution” explains a similar version of solutions derived using the AWS Cloud Platform. It is particularly designed for scenarios that require storing large amounts of data and organizing it in real-time.

The solution incorporates extremely functional components; the whitepaper explains each component’s crucial features and benefits. The key elements from the AWS suite are leveraged to achieve the desired results.

Let’s get a brief about the data flow. The architecture supports data in both raw and processed forms. Depending on the format, data is streamed and fed to the Data Lake. Crawlers run over the data lake to create the metadata as well as external schemas. The unstructured data and the cataloged schema is accessible and used by different teams on various tools. The process data is used to build the BI dashboard console for the end-users.

The architectural assembly provides invincible benefits like end-to-end cloud-based data engineering solutions, fully automated data flows, no data redundancy, and more.

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