Automating Content Curation: Achieving Milestones for a Media LeaderMedia & Entertainment

The client is a global leader in visual media, offering instant access to a vast library of over 700 million images, vectors, illustrations, and footage clips submitted by contributors.

They sought to expedite content moderation, quality assessment, and compliance processes by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and leveraging their extensive dataset efficiently.


  • Content Tagging and Quality Maintenance Ensuring accurate and efficient categorization of content poses, Sustaining high standards a challenge.
  • Streamlining Processes and Content Quality Streamlined processes while continuously improving content relevance, accuracy, and engagement.
  • Compliance with Accessibility Regulations Meeting accessibility standards and regulations to ensure inclusivity for all users is a key challenge.


  • Transformative Solution Implementation Deploying an automated system for content tagging and quality assessment, to revolutionize content management processes.​
  • Streamlining Content Management Automating content categorization and generating text descriptions for images to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.
  • Accessibility Compliance AutomationAutomated accessibility compliance checks ensure that all content meets accessibility standards, enhancing inclusivity and user experience.


  • Decrease in manual efforts 50% reduction in manual labor, leading to cost saving.
  • Enhanced organic traffic 30% increased in organic traffic, enhancing content discoverability.​
  • Accelerated Moderation 70% Less time spent on content moderation, streaming processing​.
  • Widened Audience reach 15% Broader audience reach with accessibility compliance.
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