Efficient Multi-Cloud Management for EHR Software Enhancement​Hospitals and Health Care

Our client is a leading provider of EHR management software. Their platform provides tools for documentation of EHR, management, and organization of the same.

 They were facing challenges in managing a multi-cloud environment due to resource limitations which was affecting them in monitoring the issues leading to prolonged deployment times and hindered operational inefficiencies. Hence, they were looking for a reliable partner who has diverse platform expertise for efficient cloud management and continuous support to enhance their overall infrastructure.


  • Multi-Cloud Complexity Managed challenges across Azure, GCP, and AWS. Required support for Lambda automation, 24×7 monitoring, site-to-site VPN, and DevOps for AWS migration.
  • Resource Limitations Operated with constrained resources for cloud management and support.
  • Lack of expertise Demanded 24×7 support, expertise in diverse cloud platforms, and onboarding assistance.


  • AWS Infrastructure Implementation Successfully deployed 40 Lambdas and 30 Microservices in AWS, ensuring a robust and scalable infrastructure.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Enhancement Created Docker files for Azure DevOps, addressing errors and aiding in pipeline building.
  • Code Migration Assistance Assisted in migrating major source codes from AWS to Azure DevOps repository.
  • Secure Networking Setup Established 12+ Site-to-Site VPN tunnels between AWS and on-premises with security best practices to create a robust and secure networking environment.
  • Proactive Monitoring Used Zabbix and Datadog for monitoring, aiding in Zabbix to Datadog migration, this approach ensured early detection of issues, leading to improved system reliability and performance.
  • SSL Certificate Management Monitored and renewed SSL certificates for Azure’s Jump host instances.
  • Cross-Platform Integration Enabled cross-platform integration using Azure DevOps for CI/CD and AWS (ECS) for deployment, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative environment for development and deployment processes.
  • Microservices Automation Automated microservices, including Lambda, for efficient log rotation. This automation not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to the overall reliability and performance.


  • Deployment Time Optimization Our streamlined deployment processes have resulted in a remarkable 30% reduction in deployment time, enhancing overall operational efficiency and enabling faster delivery of software updates.
  • Proactive Issue Resolution By implementing proactive measures, we have successfully reduced system downtime by 20%, addressing potential issues before they escalate and ensuring a more stable and reliable system.
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market Our agile development practices have led to a 25% reduction in the time required to bring new features and updates to market.
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V2Solutions provided invaluable expertise and support, delivering seamless infrastructure deployment, efficient code migration, and robust security measures that greatly enhanced our project.

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