Elevating E-commerce: Transforming Product Data for Enhanced Growth and User ExperienceE-Commerce

Our client is an industry-leading e-commerce and media solutions provider serving major B2B and B2C brands.

With their AI-driven platform, they are revolutionizing search technology for retailers globally, facilitating better connections between consumers and merchants. Our client wanted a dependable partner to assist them in improving the product information for their customers as unorganized presentation of data on the customers website was affecting their conversion rate, revenue per visitor and average order value significantly.


  • Inaccurate Product Information Mapping​ As the products were not precisely mapped, they wanted us to establish a precise one-to-one mapping of products with their attributes to refine search results and visibility.​
  • Weaken Customer Engagement​ Due to inadequately represented product data the conversion rate was hampered hence, they wanted to improve Conversion Rate (CVR), Revenue Per Visitor (RPV), and Average Order Value (AOV) by creating a better connection with the customers through enriched product data representation.


  • End-to-End Ownership and Seamless Integration​ Spearheaded the entire lifecycle of this project, overseeing key aspects such as hiring, onboarding, comprehensive training, nesting, and seamless transition to production.​
  • Product Data Enhancement​ Conducted detailed research on product description pages to tag appropriate attributes (E.g.: – Color, Length, Width, diameter, etc.) ​
  • Quality Assurance​ Diligently conducted data verification, promptly identifying and rectifying inaccuracies to ensure the highest quality standards.​
  • Proactive Process Optimization​ Our experts Identified and communicated missing or unclear guidelines, reducing task inconsistency and improving overall efficiency.
  • Flexible Scaling for Rich Data​ Empowered the client with flexible scaling, creating extensive merchandising data for millions of products.​


  • Increased Growth​ ​The client experienced increased brand recognition, improved market share, and a competitive edge in their industry.​ Revenue per visitor grew by 128%, Average order value grew by 37% and the conversion rate grew by 44% significantly.​
  • ​​Elevated User Experience​ The visibility of product information has been elevated notably, taking user experiences to a completely new level.​​
  • Efficient Scale and Optimization​ Curated an extensive database of 20 million+ SKUs, rapidly scaling operations to 4X capacity, and implemented strategic optimizations for heightened operational efficiency.
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