Elevating Executive Recruitment: Transformative Overhaul of a Leading Hiring PlatformStaffing & Recruitment

Our client has developed an executive hiring platform to connect seasoned senior executives with prestigious board positions and full-time leadership roles seamlessly.

Their platform empowers experienced professionals to navigate leadership opportunities effectively, fostering accelerated career advancement. However, their existing web application was not scalable and had a cumbersome UI, so they were looking for a partner who could help enhance their online job portal and achieve the desired customer engagement.


  • Cumbersome UI Design Cumbersome UI design leads to frustrated users and limited customer retention.​
  • Deployment Challenges Minor UI changes demand complete application deployment, causing unnecessary disruptions.​
  • Usability Issues Basic UI faces usability issues, impeding efficient task completion.


  • Achieving UI Excellence Executed phased redesign, focused on customer-facing modules; Adopted Material UI framework for a simpler design; Ensured a modern and intuitive user experience.​
  • Feature Enhancements Introduced Authorization module to handle role complexities; Integrated real-time messaging, notifications, and alerts; Engineered high scalability to handle complex scenarios.​
  • Streamlined Deployment Processes Implemented Bitbucket for CI/CD integration; Established automated build-test-deploy pipelines; Streamlined deployment processes.​
  • Transformative Restructuring Rebuilt entire framework, segregating backend to standalone Ruby on Rails APIs; Isolated frontend into a dedicated React Application; Utilized Docker for backend containerization.​
  • Mobile App Development As a value add, we also developed an iOS application using React Native; successfully launched the beta version within 4 months.


  • Boosted Revenue The enhanced application led to a significant increase in the client’s customer base and revenue, soaring from 10K to 90K users.​
  • Exceptional User Experience The implementation of a step-by-step guided UI not only saved time for end users but also exponentially improved usability, resulting in a 50%  increase in user satisfaction.​
  • Simpler Application Maintenance The migration to a modern architecture reduced maintenance efforts by 30%, making it easier for our client to scale their applications efficiently.​
  • Successful iOS Mobile Application Launch The beta version of the iOS mobile application is now LIVE and has garnered 30K+  downloads within the first month, expanding the reach of the client’s services to a broader audience.
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