From Data Deluge to Market Dominance: How We Transformed a Media Powerhouse with Market-Intelligent PlatformMedia & Entertainment

Drowning in data, a media giant struggled with manual processes and limited insights.

We delivered a market-intelligent platform, automating data, unlocking AI-powered intelligence, and propelling them to global expansion and revenue surge.


  • Data Chaos Manual processes, missing information, and fragmented data hindered strategic decision-making.
  • Limited Visibility Real-time insights and market trends were obscured by inefficient data tracking.​
  • Inefficient Operations Time-consuming manual tasks hampered accuracy and slowed down growth.
  • Missed Revenue Streams Limited data utilization restricted their ability to maximize revenue potential.


  • Architectural Strategy and Implementation We helped our client achieve rapid application releases by designing efficient architectural strategies. We also created Universal IDs so that titles could be tracked globally across stores, countries, and languages.​
  • AI-powered Engine Our AI engine generates asset value to help you develop a competitive data-driven pricing strategy, advertising and placement strategy, and effective inventory management.​
  • Cutting-Edge Cloud Marketing Platform We developed a powerful, scalable, cloud-driven marketing platform that is equipped with upgraded and personalized features. This platform allows you to run analytics on your data via Google BigQuery and generate valuable insights.
  • SEO Enhancement Strategies We integrated a diverse set of SEO strategies, including on-page optimization, image optimization, and the integration of long-tail keywords. These strategies helped us improve our clients’ page load speed.​


  • Geographical Expansion Demonstrating remarkable reach and efficiency, our client distributed 20 million content listings across over 200 territories, spanning 50 platforms and available in 45 languages.​
  • Elevated SERP ranking With ongoing SEO strategies and heightened brand exposure, the website achieved the 2nd ranking on the initial search engine results page in a mere six-month timeframe.​
  • Enhanced Revenue metrics The implementation of the AI Engine yielded a remarkable surge in ad revenue, maximizing the effectiveness of advertising and pricing endeavors.​
  • Strategic Designing of Reference Database Analyzing over 2.5 million records daily, in conjunction with six months of historical data totaling 100GB+, to establish a comprehensive data repository supporting reference and in-depth analytical needs.
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