Maximizing iOS Potential: A Seamless Journey to Enhanced Customer Experience and Revenue GrowthVideo Production

Our client is a leading video production startup primarily working for real estate agents and other businesses.

They aim to enhance the user experience using video content that can be made easily available. Their platform empowers businesses to take control of their content marketing strategies as it helps them to create and list high-quality product videos. The project is about how we helped our client create an iOS application with a multitude of features to control and upload the recordings ​ that boosted user experience.


  • Lack of Expertise The client lacks expertise and experience in mobile application development, particularly for iOS. This poses a challenge as they need to rely on external partners to navigate the complexities of iOS app development.
  • Custom Video Recording Requirements The client requires custom video recording functionalities, which are not readily available in web apps. This entails developing specific features and controls for video recording on iOS, adding complexity to the project.
  • Quality Concerns The client aims to create videos of superior quality; this requirement faces challenges like limitations of web apps and the need to ensure optimal performance and user experience on iOS devices.
  • User Experience Design Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the iOS app, especially for video recording functionalities, requires careful consideration of user workflows, navigation patterns, and accessibility.


  • Utilization of Latest iOS Tech Stack By leveraging the latest iOS technology stack and developing the application using Swift, which supports iOS 13 and above, the team ensured compatibility with modern iOS devices and capitalized on the latest features and enhancements provided by the iOS platform.
  • Swift UI Framework for Seamless UI Experience Building the application’s user interface (UI) with the Swift UI framework allowed for the creation of a seamless and intuitive user experience, enhancing usability and engagement for end-users.
  • Integration of GraphQL Apollo Framework By utilizing the GraphQL Apollo framework on the server side, the development team ensured seamless API interaction and enhanced the overall user experience by optimizing data retrieval and management.
  • Hassle-Free Database Management Utilizing Core Data for database management provided a robust and efficient solution for handling data within the application, contributing to improved performance and reliability.
  • Enhanced Audio and Video Recording Integrating DJI OMS (Osmo Mobile 4 & 5) for customized audio and video recording features enhance the application’s functionality, providing users with a rich, intuitive, and ergonomic recording experience.
  • Hosting Videos on AWS Making videos available online using Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensured scalability, reliability, and accessibility of the content, allowing users to easily access and share their recorded videos.
  • Bluetooth (BLE) Integration for Seamless Interaction The development team enhanced user convenience and accessibility by including OMS functionality for video recording and enabling users to control recordings via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) switches, allowing for hands-free operation of the application.


  • Better Customer Engagement The iOS application boosted user experience by 2X times as the agents could record video with minimal application interactions.
  • Cost Reduction The client was able to save cost by 20% as we applied design patterns and code reusability using multiple 3rd parties and iOS frameworks.
  • Enhanced Content Availability Enhanced quality of content and availability of the videos in both online and offline modes added to a better user experience.
  • Value Addition As a value addition to our client, we also created a native android 8+ mobile application.
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