Sounds of Success: A Journey into the Indian Market with Precision Timestamped Lyrics​Media & Entertainment

Our client is a world leader in providing legal lyrics solutions, with 5000+ associations to music publishers.

As they have established affiliations with numerous countries for delivering comprehensive lyric solutions, they wanted to enter Indian market too. Faced with the challenge of incorporating Punjabi and Hindi lyrics into their portal, the client encountered an ongoing struggle in keeping pace with the constant influx of new songs. Hence, they were looking for a partner capable of expanding their presence in India, offering precise, timestamped songs and lyrics in regional languages to enhance accessibility and relevance on their platform.


  • Geographic Expansion​ Expand their reach in the Indian market, necessitating a strategic partnership to navigate local nuances, regulations, and preferences effectively.​
  • Content Accuracy​ The need for precise and timestamped lyrics posed a challenge, as inaccuracies could impact the user experience and the overall reliability of the platform.​
  • Regional Relevance​ Ensuring cultural and regional relevance of lyrics was a challenge, especially in a diverse country like India.


  • Trend Analysis and Song Collection​ Our experts used various tools to identify trending songs Punjabi and Hindi music industry and our transcriptionists collected accurate lyrics from reliable online sources.
  • Portal Integration​ The collected lyrics were seamlessly added to the client’s portal, ensuring an enriched content library.​
  • Precision Timestamping​ Each stanza of the Hindi and Punjabi songs underwent precise timestamping for enhanced user navigation and experience.​
  • Quality Assurance​ Our QA experts precisely reviewed the data, verifying accurate timestamping and maintaining high data integrity.​
  • Linguistic Expertise​ Successful delivery of over 90,000 timestamped tracks within the defined turnaround time, showcasing our commitment to meeting deadlines and maintaining efficiency.


  • Expanding Horizons​ Successful establishment of the client’s presence in India, tapping into the vast potential of the Punjabi and Hindi music industry. Reached 1 million active users from India within the first year of market entry.
  • Enriched Catalog​ Expansion of the client’s catalog with the latest and trending Punjabi and Hindi tracks, enhancing the diversity and appeal of their content library leading to increased music genre coverage by 30%.
  • Increased Core Focus​ Achieved a 20% increase in overall operational efficiency, allowing the client to focus on core business activities.
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Working with V2Solutions has revolutionized our presence in India, broadening our catalog with vibrant regional tracks and allowing us to refocus on core activities with precision and efficiency.

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