Revitalizing User Experience: How Website Optimization and Conversion Enhancement methods generated growth for a fashion companyFashion

The client is a fashion brand from the UK that is strongly committed to the idea of sustainability.

The brand was launched in the early 90s, and since then, the client has been creating designs based on natural fabrics. They believe in providing planet-friendly merchandise to their customers. They were looking for solutions to enhance their customer experience and improve their mobile conversion rate, with an elevated UX and website optimization techniques.


  • Poor User Experience The third-party web and mobile applications faced critical issues regarding user experience. This could include difficulties in navigation, unresponsive or slow interfaces, and overall dissatisfaction with the platform’s usability.
  • Merchandising Challenges The manual merchandising processes were inefficient, potentially leading to inconsistencies in product displays, difficulty in updating or managing product listings, and missed opportunities for cross-selling or upselling.
  • Site Speed Optimization Issues The website suffered from slow loading times, impacting user satisfaction and potentially leading to increased bounce rates and reduced conversion rates.
  • Low Conversion Rate on Mobile The conversion rate of the mobile website was alarmingly low, indicating significant barriers to completing transactions on mobile devices. This could be attributed to various factors such as poor mobile optimization, cumbersome checkout processes, or lack of trust in the mobile experience.


  • Performance Optimization We helped to enhance the website performance by optimizing images and ensuring they load efficiently. Removal of unused JavaScript help to streamline the site’s code and improve loading times.
  • E-commerce Enhancement Our team replaced the e-commerce personalization app with a new recommendation app to improve product suggestions and integrated a promotions app to enhance add-on and upsell capabilities, thereby increasing sales opportunities.
  • UI/UX Improvement Upgraded the website’s design elements to create a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Revamped the homepage design while retaining the original framework to maintain brand consistency. Redesigned various key pages including Global Navigation, Footer, Collection list page, Product page, Checkout page, and Basket page to enhance usability and improve the overall user experience.
  • App Rationalization The removal of unnecessary apps and replaced certain existing ones with more efficient alternatives to streamline functionality.


  • Enhanced Mobile Conversion rates Faster image loading, particularly on mobile, positively impacted SEO. The tailored content enhanced conversion rates by 10% – 15%, and user satisfaction
  • Faster load times With the optimized code and images, enhanced user satisfaction, and reduced bounce rates, there was a significant enhancement in the website’s load time and increased the speed by 2X times.
  • Better User Experience The refreshed design and personalized content enriched the user experience for mobile and web. It further helped in boosting customer engagement and retention.
  • Reduced operational costs Removing redundant apps helped shrink the operational costs by 30%.
  • Gave a Competitive Edge A consistent user experience builds trust and engagement, giving the client a competitive edge.
  • Increased Sales and Growth The integration of video and promotions increased sales and upselling opportunities. The enhanced UX boosted the search engine rankings, potentially driving more organic traffic and fostering business growth.
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