Transforming Veterinary Care: Rapid Medical Support Through DevOpsSoftware Development

The well-being of pets, cattle, and poultry is paramount, necessitating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

Our client a leader in digital resource for today’s pet parents, providing a modern, accessible, and affordable approach to pet health and wellness. They sought a robust solution to expedite the delivery of necessary medical support with flexibility and stringent security measures in place.


  • Automation Requirement The absence of a flexible automated framework for deployment across diverse environments resulted in prolonged lead times and service restoration post-failure.
  • Data Security Challenges Insufficient quick deployment, data pipeline, and approval processes posed challenges in securing medical support data effectively.
  • Hindered application performance The platform required enhancing its capabilities to align with industry standards i.e. the compliance norms set by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


  • Streamlined Framework Deployment QA-smoke and QA test frameworks were seamlessly deployed, ensuring solutions adhered to approval norms. The staging and production frameworks were also implemented smoothly.
  • Flexible Deployment Options Offered flexibility to deploy the entire solution or individual modified components such as UI, API, and Reports.
  • Seamless Code Integration Code was continuously integrated immediately after generation using DevOps.
  • Agile Release Management Enabled smooth management of Sprint releases and hotfix deployments with stringent data security standards in place.
  • Efficient Performance adhering to Industry norms The platform operated seamlessly with an established data pipeline, while also maintaining adherence to industry best practices.


  • Significant Reduction in lead time The lead time was reduced to 8 mins from 45 mins as a result of the quick deployment framework.
  • Elevated data security DevOps implementation increased security test pass rates from 60% to 85%.
  • Reduced failure rates The implementation reduced post-change failure rates from 77% to a mere 12%.
  • Reduced Mean Time The new setup helped minimize the mean time for restoring services from 30 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Enhanced the Frequency of Deployment DevOps helped boost deployment production frequencies from once in 4 weeks to once in 2 weeks and QA frequency from once a week to daily.
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V2Solutions team worked with complete focus on our vision and launched a quality product that delivers the most needed support to our customers. The software solution has been an important support for many pet parents.

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