5 industries that are being transformed with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hey Alexa, what’s the weather today? Hey Siri, which is the nearest Chinese restaurant? Virtual doctors for instant medical treatment, drones delivering your parcels, robots serving your meal in the restaurants and so on; these all developments are laid on the strong foundation of “Artificial intelligence” which has transformed the way we work, travel, study, shop or do business. Read more

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Can BFSI industry easily navigate through the maze of KYC with Automation?

Urbanization, the expanding middle-class category, budding entrepreneurs, business-friendly government policies, changing mindset of the employed class in terms of how to spend money have all contributed in making India one of the fastest growing economy. Read more

Fundamental Challenges In Implementing Automation At The Organizational Level

Fundamental Challenges In Implementing Automation At The Organizational Level


Automation is the latest buzzword revolutionizing the way processes are carried out, be it manufacturing, service industry or the various business operations of an organization. Making yourself stand apart by innovating and constantly striving to do better is what will help organizations survive in this fierce competition. Read more

RPA- A Job stealer or a job creator

RPA: A Job stealer or a job creator?


Is RPA the risk worth taking is the biggest question popping in front of the organizations! And it’s obvious because apparently internet is full of articles stating that RPA will replace humans, it will eat up their jobs, humans will no longer be required and so on. Is this really the case? Let’s find out. Read more

Product backlog

Keep it simple, stupid: 7 simple yet effective ways to manage a product backlog

Product Backlog: the keystone of an agile project

As described in the Scrum Guide, “the Product Backlog is an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in the product. It is the single source of requirements for any change to be made to the product.”   Read more

RPA for SAP Automation_the enterprising to the prospective.jpg

RPA for SAP Automation: The enterprising to the prospective

Organizations using SAP are very much in need to find solutions that cut down time and reduce errors when data is being captured. Understanding these needs over a period has resulted in the development of a few solutions; some of them are internal while some rely on third-party integrations. Read more

Blog - An ultimate guide to automating KYC

It is time to put ‘I’ (Intelligence) in the age-old KYC process

India is at the forefront of this era’s industrial revolutions, thanks to the digital India initiative launched in the year 2015 with an aim to empower the citizens of the country. Some key initiative under this program were DigiLocker, MyGov.in, ehospital, WiFi- Hotspots and so on. According to Economic Times, 99%  of Indian adults have an Aadhaar identity number. Read more

Blog - RPA Calculator & the 21st Century Business

RPA Calculator & the 21st Century Business

Ever since V2 started with RPA, the very basic thing that went unanswered was “Effort and Cost” around this whole technology. We went on to get our hands dirty with few RPA platforms to find Read more

Endgame is near if you neglect Salesforce SOS signs V2

Endgame is near if you neglect Salesforce SOS signs

Let me ask a simple question to you. How do doctors ascertain that you are suffering from an ailment? By performing a checkup or doing some tests, right? Read more