Conversational AI driven UX

Endgame is near if you continue neglecting Conversational AI driven UX from your product strategy

Doctor Strange is capable of looking into the future to see zillion different outcomes and when I first saw Benedict Cumberbatch summoning his car (politely) to open the sunroof in the latest MG Hector commercial it was a perfect analog to show us the future of not just a connected car but also what the future holds for conversational AI driven user experience (UX). Read more

header - RPA Mythbusters

RPA Mythbusters – Don’t let them stop your journey towards Intelligent Automation

There are several perceptions attached to RPA and its implementation which causes ambiguity for the organizations. These notions turn into myths with time and discourage them to automate their processes with RPA. With this infographic, we aim to break some major myths associated with RPA. Read more

What it takes to be a good RPA developer?

What it takes to be a good RPA developer?

Often, we hear that one doesn’t need to be a programmer or have prior experience with programming to become an RPA developer. This is because, almost all the leading RPA tools like UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere and others are majorly based on drag and drop functionality. That’s why the process of automation is sometimes called as Process Configuration instead of Process Development. Read more

AI fit in your RPA journey…

Where does AI fit in your RPA journey

Let’s accept the fact that everyone is fascinated with the word AI or Artificial Intelligence today. Some way or the other we want to make it a part of our digital transformation journey. Read more

The Then and Now of RPA

The “Then” and “Now” of RPA

RPA is the latest buzzword in the automation technology world, and I am sure you must have heard about it in some or other way. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the rapidly growing developments in Business Process Management (BPM) due to its extensive scope. Before moving further, let us first understand RPA in simple terms and there is no other better statement than as Leslie Willcocks said: RPA takes the robot out of the human (Source). Read more


Prawns & Corns of Microservices

Few months back one of my friend, also an Architect reached out to me. Generally, we connect to each other once in 15–20 days, discuss about technology, world and anything else which comes to our minds in that point in time. Read more

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation gives “AI and RPA” wings

Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no more buzzwords today and almost everyone knows how these are transforming the enterprises worldwide. More than this, AI can augment traditional RPA tools and offer much more than RPA or AI could achieve alone. Read more

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V2Testing Basics – Understanding TDD, BDD & Unit Testing

Software development is transforming like a science, a lot of R&D evolving in open source industries, new SWD methodologies taking new dimensions. It’s also important for the development team to keep the same momentum with emerging technology and methodologies. In recent years term, ‘TDD’ and ‘BDD’ are complementing ‘Unit Testing’. Read more


Blockchain – Boon for Recruitment & HR

Blockchain is the newest kid on the block, with it being the rage for a couple of years now. Everyone believes this is the technology that will revolutionize the world and change the way businesses Read more


Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the hottest buzzwords today and are often used interchangeably. They are not similar anyway, but the perception that they are might confuse the one with another. Read more