Advantage IoT – REST vs. MQTT

A common dilemma development teams are facing today; should they leverage existing REST APIs, or invest time and energy in moving to MQTT? As always, project timelines are severely crunched, and teams must take the shortest path, repurposing the REST APIs. Read more

The Rise of Conversational User Interfaces

The number of virtual assistants has grown by 23.1% in just 2017 and over 60.5 million people in the US alone use a virtual assistant or conversational interface at least once a month. Read more

How the Internet of Things Is Leading Us Towards a Data-Driven Future

According to a report, the world will have more than 200 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2020, that means for every person, there will be 26 smart devices. Read more

Can RPA deliver results or is it yet another technology hype

More and more companies are adopting the emerging technology of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline their business operations. Read more

The Future of RPA Journey

Robots, the term that sounded too scientific till few years ago have started making inroads to our everyday business but  of course , not the “Terminator” way.  Read more

Configuration Over Convention

Current State

The world is moving fast, moving faster than ever. Business needs are also changing along with this. Architectures, frameworks which were great yesterday are becoming obsolete or not efficient enough to keep up with the pace.  Read more

Real-time Analytics 101

Real-time or Streaming analytics is the ability to calculate analytics in real time while moving within the stream of data. It involves monitoring and acting upon events at any given moment. Organizations must act on the data quickly before the data loses its value. Read more

Do not forget to carry Artificial Intelligence to your next Sales meet

Whether you are a new or experienced Sales person, AI can help you to learn more, sell more, and most importantly, get paid more. Read more

Conversational Interfaces

The core and most important function of digital design is its user interface. Industry stalwarts have realized that and are pumping their energies towards building the UI of the future i.e. Conversational Interfaces. The aim is to make the user interaction as intuitive and natural as possible.

Read more

Challenges in IoT

IoT is one of the most popular buzz words in the world of technology these days. It is basically an ecosystem of connected physical objects accessible via internet Read more