Blockchain – Boon for Recruitment & HR

Blockchain is the newest kid on the block, with it being the rage for a couple of years now. Everyone believes this is the technology that will revolutionize the world and change the way businesses Read more

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the hottest buzzwords today and are often used interchangeably. They are not similar anyway, but the perception that they are might confuse the one with another. Read more

Debunking Cryptocurrencies

The latest buzzword in tech and financial circles these days is Cryptocurrencies, it has gotten everyone interested from the small-time investor to Tech moguls to Big Banks. We have had so many Read more

DevOps: What it is And Why it Matters

DevOps has become the new buzzword in the IT industry and every company is looking to implement it if they haven’t already. And all for a very good reason — DevOps has yielded proven results Read more

Deep Learning Demystified

AI and Machine Learning have already stormed the industry with interesting use cases. By the time we realized the immense uses for machine learning, we are hearing about deep learning. So, what is deep learning? Is it just more advanced machine learning or something else? Read more

Moving to a Paperless Office – The Start of Digital Transformation

Companies that still rely on paper for everyday business processes, they end up decreasing productivity and increasing costs, which in turn decreases the revenue of the entire organization.
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Major Pitfalls that could Lead to RPA Execution Failure

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the new buzzword in IT and many big enterprises are already implementing it in their business processes to take full advantage of its numerous benefits. Read more

Advantage IoT – REST vs. MQTT

A common dilemma development teams are facing today; should they leverage existing REST APIs, or invest time and energy in moving to MQTT? As always, project timelines are severely crunched, and teams must take the shortest path, repurposing the REST APIs. Read more

The Rise of Conversational User Interfaces

The number of virtual assistants has grown by 23.1% in just 2017 and over 60.5 million people in the US alone use a virtual assistant or conversational interface at least once a month. Read more

How the Internet of Things Is Leading Us Towards a Data-Driven Future

According to a report, the world will have more than 200 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2020, that means for every person, there will be 26 smart devices. Read more