According to Gartner, through 2021, 40% of enterprises will have RPA buyer’s remorse due to misaligned, siloed usage and inability to scale and by 2021, task centric RPA offerings in their current form will be obsolete.

 Agile needs no introduction in today’s world. The term gets used more than “computers” today in terms of business context. Today’s rapidly changing, digitally infused markets and the very intensifying fights for customers certainly demands that organizations execute at an unprecedented speed and flexibility.

We are amidst the 4th industrial revolution and the technological trends are evolving at a rate faster than ever. If you don’t keep up with some of these upcoming trends in 2020 you surely run the risk of being left behind.

The Human Resources (HR) of any organization take a considerable amount of effort to put in a performance management system in place.

The word Lakshya means aim. We all have aims that we want to achieve – whether as an individual or as an organization, and our aims/goals drive us.

Accelerate Automation using reusable workflows

Process automation involves the designing of workflows to automate tasks also called as activities. To improve the efficiency of the workflow design process, the design of reusable workflows assumes importance.